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Food For Building Muscle: What To Eat And Why

While it’s true to build muscle you need to eat more, the biggest mistake you can make — which could set you back months — is to take that as a ticket to eat anything and everything. You need to know which are the best sources of food for building muscle, if you are to make your muscle gains in the quickest time possible, and avoid putting on fat by taking in empty calories which the muscles can’t find a use for.

The best sources of food for building muscle are whole foods. Whole foods are simply foods which have minimal processing. Foods such as eggs, milk, cheese, fish, beef, chicken, cheese, pasta, rice, oats, etc.

For instance, burgers from McDonalds or the TV Dinner you have in your freezer won’t cut it.

That is because whole foods contain useful energy. That means their calorie contents are made up of useful nutrients; nutrients the body can use to build muscle.

A lot of junk foods are made from sub par nutrients, so while they may have high calorie values, they contain sub par and empty calories, which means the muscles can’t use it, but, the empty calories will be stored as fat.

Lager is one such classic example – it contains plenty of calories, but aside from the negative effects of alcohol on building muscle, the actual calories themselves are empty and can only be stored as fat.

You now know what to eat — whole foods — and you should make sure that your diet is made up of this type of food, and only on the rare occasion should you have junk food… or ‘cheat meals’, as they are known in bodybuilding.

Best Sources Of Protein For Building Muscle

Just about every article on fitness (particularly on building muscle) recommends protein. People are quite right to recommend protein, but few articles elaborate on what are the best sources of protein for building muscle and overall fitness and health.

Proteins come in 2 different types: complete and incomplete.

Complete proteins are the best sources of protein for building muscle because they contain all eight essential amino acids.

Complete proteins include: eggs, milk, cheese, fish, beef and chicken.

These are your typical sources of protein bodybuilders use.

But, it goes a little further than this…

Each different sort of protein has different adsorption rates. For instance, you may eat 20 g of protein from chicken and 20 g of protein from eggs, but because eggs have the far superior and absorption rate, the eggs will do more for your muscle gains than the chicken will.

For your information, eggs and milk are the best sources of protein with regards to absorption rate, so, if you aren’t lactose intolerant I highly recommend you drink plenty of milk as well as eat plenty of eggs.

While a few eggs are usually a pleasure to eat, they can become a little sickly tasting after a while, I have to admit. I do not recommend that you remove the yolk — people only do so in the misinformed belief is a reduce cholesterol by doing so — as it contains great protein, but you might want to vary how you serve your eggs – and with what.

You may wish to have a few scrambled, poached, boiled and, occasionally, fried. I also recommend you eat your eggs with wholegrain bread or toast to make them a little less monotonous. Add a little sauce and you’re well away!

Best Time To Take Protein For Building Muscle

Everybody knows that protein is a crucial nutrient for building muscle mass. However, most people simply do not know when the best time to take protein is. It is only half of the battle knowing you have to take protein, but if you don’t know when to take it, you are going to miss out on lots of gains.

Some people will tell you the best time to take protein is post-work out. And I agree, in part. Really though, the fact of the matter is, there is no best time — protein should be taken every three hours, and it’s as simple as that.

All the while you are not training your muscles are fighting to repair themselves. Because they require a lot of protein to repair themselves fully and grow, it stands to reason you need to keep a steady supply of protein coming in to your body.

Think of it this way: every hour your muscles spend needing protein and don’t have any, they can’t grow and only stand to shrink in size through catabolism.

Keeping yourself in a positive nitrogen balance by eating regular and sufficient amounts of protein is the real key to rapid muscle growth, and will ensure you spend all your time growing.

Of course, it is not always convenient in for you to prepare meals. In this case I would recommend you simply crack open a can of mackerel or tuna and eat that. If it is not convenient to do this even, you may consider protein bars or shakes.

However you decide to do it, the best time to take protein is every three hours.

Best Muscle Building Supplements Revealed

One quick search on the internet will reveal that there are more fitness supplements than you can shake a stick at. All claim to have special unique formulations which make them the must have supplement. But, which are really the best muscle building supplements?

I can tell you this: the best protein supplements aren’t usually the ones with all of the fancy added ingredients, but simply the ones with the highest quality whey protein.

Likewise, the best creatine supplements aren’t usually the ones with more lovely fancy added ingredients, but simply the ones with the highest concentration of creatine monohydrate.

As both creatine and whey protein are naturally occurring, this should tell you something… you can’t beat nature.

Supplements are expensive, and personally, I would only advise using whey protein and creatine supplements because they actually offer something real and useful.

The body needs high-quality protein in order to build muscle mass, and whey protein is among the finest types of protein there is. I believe whey protein makes its into of the best muscle building supplements category because of this fact and also they are highly convenient and make for good meal replacements.

Creatine is a different kettle of fish. What creatine does is boost the production of ATP in your muscles allowing for you to train with increased energy and intensity. Not only will creatine enhance your training, but it will also enable you to recover much more quickly because of the increased supply of energy to your muscles.