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Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Shoulder muscles (deltoids) are comprised of three heads: anterior (front), lateral (side), and posterior (rear). The dumbbell shoulder press exercise primarily targets the anterior deltoid but to a lesser extent involves the lateral deltoid also.


As a basic moment, the dumbbell shoulder press is identical to that of the barbell military press and may be used interchangeably with the military press. With dumbbells — as is the difference with all dumbbell exercises — you have the added challenge of controlling and coordinating two separate weights, and a greater range of motion. You may also find it more natural and comfortable as a movement.

Here is how to perform the dumbbell shoulder press…

  • Take a dumbbell in each hand and sit on your bench with your body fully upright.
  • Lift the dumbbells up to the height of, and to the sides of the shoulders, and hold them there. Forearms should be perfectly vertical to support the weight.
  • Both together, press the dumbbells up until your arms are fully locked out at the top.
  • Lower slowly to starting position.

Quite a few people have their own variations on the dumbbell shoulder press, and you are free to experiment yourself. For example, some people will start with the palms facing inward slightly rather than straight forwards, and turn them straight forwards as they approach the top, and reversing the turning movement on the way down.

Do whatever feels comfortable to you, and whatever works best to build your anterior deltoids.

How To Get Bigger Biceps In The Fastest Time Possible

I dare say that people not into bodybuilding would love to know how to get bigger biceps, simply because they look very impressive, and women love them!

Most people go about trying to get bigger biceps all wrong; they train them too often, and they use all of the wrong exercises.

There is no question in my mind that all which is the best exercise for building big biceps — it is the simple barbell curl.

Here is how to do them properly…

In a standing position holds a barbell at around shoulder width or slightly wider, using an underhand grip.

  • Allow the bar to hang down against your thighs.
  • Without swinging the bar or using your back, curl the bar up to the top giving a squeeze at the top.
  • Lower the bar slowly.

Because we are talking about size and not strength, it would be wise to use around 10 repetitions and do no more than 5 sets.

Biceps can be worked twice a week, but you should always allow for 72 hours muscular recovery between working them.

Neck Training For A Strong Bull Neck

I love the bull neck look, and in a different way, so do women! It also makes men think twice before tangling when you when you have a neck like Mike Tyson.

That’s why it is always baffling to me why neck training is probably the most neglected area of all. Yet, it is hugely prominent and hugely important.

Still. Ours (well, mine) is not to reason why, just teach.

There are two areas of the neck you need to train – the side muscles, and the rear muscles.

Training the side muscles a.k.a. the sterno-mastoid muscles…

Lay down on your back on a flat bench with your head and neck hanging over the edge of the bench, able to move up and down freely.

Place a bunched up towel on your forehead for padding.

Have your training partner hand you a weight plate, which you then hold on the towel.

Not physically holding the plate with your hands, but keeping it in place on your head and allowing your neck to support the weight, slowly move your head back as far as you can.

Once at the bottom, slowly move your head forward as far as you can, trying to touch your chin onto your chest.

Repeat for 7 – 10 repetitions, and 3 sets.

Training the rear muscles a.k.a. the trapezius muscle…

Lay down on your front, again, on a flat bench with your head and neck hanging over the edge of the bench able to move up and down freely.

Place a bunched up towel on the back of your head for padding.

Have your training partner hand you a weight plate which you hold on the towel

Not physically holding the plate with your hands but keeping it in place on your head and allowing your neck to support the weight, move slowly your head down as far as you can.

Once at the bottom, slowly move your head backwards as far as you can.

Repeat for 7 – 10 repetitions, and 3 sets.

Rest for a few days and curse my name when your neck is as stiff as a board and growing thicker by the day…

Best Shoulder Exercises For Broad And Powerful Shoulders

Shoulders are easy to build up providing you know which are the best shoulder exercises to hit each deltoid head making up the shoulder muscles.

Deltoid heads?

Shoulders are made up of a muscle group known as the deltoids, which in turn are made up of 3 heads, which provide the all-round ball joint movement of the shoulder.

For proper and full shoulder development each of the three deltoid heads must be built.

Here are the 3 deltoid heads along with some of the best exercises for building them…

Anterior Deltoid Head

Also known as the front deltoid which is responsible for lifting the arm upwards in front of the body, and also pushing away from the body (to the front or above the head).

Excellent exercises for building the anterior deltoid head are military presses, Arnold presses, and the bench press.

Lateral Deltoid Head

The lateral deltoid head is also known as the side deltoid, and is responsible for raising the arms upwards to the side of the body.

The best exercises for lateral deltoid development are upright rows and dumbbell lateral raises.

Posterior Deltoid Head

Last but not least, the rear head of the deltoid, responsible for pulling the arm upwards to the rear, and bringing the arms backwards.

To develop the posterior deltoid heads, I recommend bent over rows and dumbbell rear lateral raises.

Best Bicep Workout For Massive Biceps

Having masses biceps is the dream of every bodybuilder but knowing which is the best bicep workout to get them is a different issue altogether.

Unfortunately if you are looking for a magic bullet which will work every time then you are going to be left disappointed and I’ll explain why.

Smart bodybuilders know the best bicep workout is the one which is fresh and working for them. A bodybuilder should keep doing an exercise until it stops working for them and then change to something else.

That’s because the body gets used to an exercise and refuses to grow after a while, so a different exercise is needed to allow growth to continue.

Probably the best advice I can give you when it comes to bicep exercises is to use a variety of barbell curls, dumbbell curls, incline dumbbell curls and preacher curls.

As I have said, they can exercise and do it for as long as you can until it stops given results and then change it over. Don’t forget that the most important thing about building muscle is to add weight often so you are always pushing the limits.

How To Build Shoulders Fully With 6 Exercises

Understanding that the shoulders (deltoids) are made up of three heads is important if you are to fully develop them. I will show you how to build shoulders fully and properly by using the best 2 exercises to hit each of the 3 deltoid heads.

The anterior deltoid is the deltoid at the front is and is used to raise the arm upwards to the front, or to push. The best 2 exercises for anterior deltoid development are overhead presses and bench presses.

The lateral deltoid is at the side of the arm and is used to raise the arm upwards and out to the side. The best 2 exercises for lateral deltoid developments are upright rows and side lateral dumbbell raises.

The posterior deltoid is at the rear of the arm and is used to raise the arm backwards and upwards. The 2 best exercises for posterior deltoid developments are bent over rear lateral raises or bent over rows.

Lateral Raise Exercise For Adding Inches To Shoulder Width

In my opinion, the most emasculating aspects of a male physique, in ascending order, are…

  • Skinny arms…
  • Scrawny neck…
  • Narrow shoulders…

Having narrow shoulders is by far the worst. Obviously shoulder width primarily comes from bone structure — and I can’t help you there — but I can introduce you to the lateral raise exercise which could help you to pack on a few inches of much needed width onto your shoulders.

The lateral raise exercise targets one of three heads of the deltoids (shoulder muscles) — the lateral deltoid, also known as the medial/middle or side deltoid.

The lateral deltoid is the muscle responsible for raising your arms upwards to the side. This precise movement is what we are going to utilize in order to build them up, adding width to your shoulders.

Here is how the lateral raise exercise is done…

  • Stand with your feet several inches apart, a dumbbell in each hand, palms turned inwards.
  • Ever-so-slightly bend your arms at the elbow.
  • Raise the dumbbells directly out to the sides to around shoulder height or slightly above.
  • Lower slowly.

Repeat for 7-12 repetitions, 3-5 sets.

It is important that when doing this exercise you do not swing the dumbbells up using momentum from your back, or you take the work from the deltoids, and also you risk injury. Movements should be smooth and deliberate.